WhiteShark Mix
Glide Beyond
WhiteShark Mix
Underwater Scooter
Deep diving with ease
Glide deep and explore the undersea, with effortless control and performance. Consume less oxygen and extend your fun time in the water. Get fully immersed in the world of marine life while easily gliding forward. Suitable for scuba, snorkeling, and free diving.
Experience the joy of snorkeling
Glide along and enjoy being in the water, looking at the possibility of marine life. Power up and catch with them any time you want.
Experiment and explore in the swimming pool
Become the king of the pool with the WhiteShark Mix, effortlessly gliding through the water.
Industry recognition
for innovation and design
Our products have been recognized by the CES Innovation Awards, accredited and presented by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), for their performance and design.
Trailblazing technology
The trailblazing technology accomplished in this innovative dual-motor propelling system is the first ever of its kind. The design features the perfect combination of strong propulsion power and tuned floating stability, and effortless control.
Speed up to 1.5 m/s
WhiteShake Mix propels at speeds up to 1.5m/s, the same record speed as set by the Women's 100m Breaststroke World Champion.
Strong dual motors
The strong dual motors release a thrust powerful enough to pull multiple people at once.
Lightweight & Portable
The compact streamlined body -- only 20% the weight of the traditional scooters -- easily fits inside a duffle bag to journey with you.

Simple operation

Press and hold buttons on both sides to start the motor. Easy control even for first-timers.

Release either button to stop for improved safety

To stop gliding, simply release either button on the sides.

Easy 360° underwater rotation
As if an extension of your arms, WhiteShark Mix helps you maneuver rotations and spiral movements in any direction through effortless control.
Waterproof up to 40 meters
Sublue has been committed to the development of industrial-grade underwater waterproofing technology for years. The WhiteShark Mix adopts industrial-grade machine sealing technology. The equipped batteries boast innovative patented waterproof technology that ensures a maximum working depth of 40 meters.
Patented waterproof lithium battery
Patented water-resistant Li-ion rechargeable lithium battery, safer and more reliable, features an independent sealing design that allows users to swap easily.
Waterproof up to 40m
30-minute battery life
Independent sealing
In compliance with
air transport standards
The 121WH battery ensures longer fun time and greater underwater experience. It meets the air transportation standards and can be easily carried onboard.*

Unrivalled underwater experience everywhere you go





Streamlined body design explore more with less effort
The sleek, hydrodynamic design features a streamlined body that enhances underwater mobility while reducing energy consumption and delivers a powerful thrust for an ultimate snorkeling and diving experience.
Secured protection for a worry-free dive
The protective front and rear covers on the propeller housings have been designed to prevent fingers from accidental injury guaranteed.
Multiple colors to complement the dashing look


Multiple accessory options for users to make WhiteShark Mix available for more scenarios.

A removable buoyancy compartment for various scenarios

The removable buoyancy compartment is positively buoyant, meaning it will rise to the surface if left to itself. The versatility allows for exploration at different depths according to user’s needs.

Compatible with multiple filming accessories to scale underwater photography up to new heights

The built-in mounts are compatible with action cameras and selfie sticks for an integrated POV filming experience. Record high quality and stable footage even when you are doing a rotation underwater.

Anti-lost lanyard

A lanyard is included in the package to free your hands in the water and ensure that you will not lose your WhiteShark Mix while diving underwater.

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1. Before using the product, please fully understand the water area to be entered. Users should swim or dive in the appropriate water area and approved by the relevant management.
2. To ensure safety, users shall wear life jackets or be provided with life-saving equipment.
3. The product is recreation equipment only, which can’t be used as life-saving equipment.
4. Unless in the protection of a lifeguard authorized by guardians, minors under 8 years cannot use this product. Minors more than 8 years can use this product in the company of a guardian.
5. In order to prevent dangers, old people, pregnant women and persons unsuitable for swimming/snorkeling shouldn’t use the product.
6. Before and during the use of the product, please don’t drink alcohol or take drugs.
7. During use, please wear the swimming cap. Pay attention to surrounding person with long hair to avoid entangle hair or cloth in the propellers.
8. Don’t put fingers or other parts of the body into the propellers at any time, nor put any foreign objects into the propellers.
9. Please use the product in an open area and don’t entangle cloth, alga, ropes, anti-shark net, shell, sand or other foreign objects in the propellers.
10. During use, please don’t align eyes and face to the rear part of the thruster.
11. Please use the product after stably standing in the water to prevent falling down.
12. When using the product in the water, please pay attention to the surroundings to prevent collision.
13. Before using the product, please check the battery power.When using the product in the water, please observe the battery capacity all times to ensure return to land before exhaustion of the battery.
14. As there is a battery in the product, please handle with care and avoid fierce vibration, bump and collision.
15. Please charge the product with the accompanying adapter. The adapter in other models shouldn’t be used for charging.
16. Person without permission shouldn’t repair arbitrarily. If repaired incorrectly, it may cause water leakage, damage, fire disaster or electric shock.
17. Never change the battery in the water. The battery must be changed in a dry environment and keep the equipment and both hands dry.
18. Before using the product, please carefully inspect the product and confirm the battery, propellers, thrusters are in good condition.
19. In order to ensure the service life of the motor, please don’t keep it running continuously for more than one minute in a non-underwater environment. In case of abnormal conditions (such as the smell of scorching etc.), immediately stop the machine and disconnect the power.
20. Don’t use the product directly on the beach to avoid sand, shell or other sundries into the propellers.
21. The product surface should be free from organic solvents, volatile substances, acidic materials and sharp objects.
22. Don’t put heavy objects on the product.
23. Don’t put the battery into fire.